EKWB Unveils Three New Quantum Reflection Distro Plates For The LIAN LI DK-05F And DK-04F Desk Cases

Alex Casas

EKWB is launching three new Quantum Reflection series products designed explicitly for LIAN LI DK-05F and DK-04F desk cases. This new series of distro plates consist of two pumpless, front-mounted manifolds which are connected directly to the EK-Quantum Reflection Uni 140 D5 PWM D-RGB. These waterways bring rich D-RGB lighting implementation and a lot of connection ports to satisfy any tube routing configuration for your Lian Li desk PC.

EKWB Launches An Easy All-In-One Solution For Cooling A Desk PC - Also Provides A Unique Aesthetic

Designed to offer unique aesthetics and ease-of-use, this advanced all-in-one waterway solution also includes a pump, reservoir, simple mounting mechanism, and 7 industry-standard G1/4″ threaded inlets and outlets. The placement of these inlets and outlets is aligned with EK-Quantum Reflection DK-05F Left and EK-Quantum Reflection DK-05F Right in order to minimize the number of bends the user has to make when creating the loop. It was engineered to support a maximum of two components.

This distro plate can also work separately on any 140mm fan mount, or as a regular pump-reservoir combo with only two utilized ports. This water distribution plate comes with a powerful, yet silent, PWM-controlled D5 pump. The goal was to make a product that offers great reliability and outstanding performance with multiple blocks and radiators while keeping the noise down to a minimum.


These two pumpless manifolds are designed to be connected to the EK-Quantum Reflection Uni 140 D5 PWM D-RGB within the Lian Li DK-05F case. They are located on the left and right side of the front of the desk case and feature 26 ports – each for plenty of tube-routing options. They are mounted over the EK-CoolStream PE480 radiator in either push or pull configuration. It is mandatory to use this specific radiator to achieve perfect component alignment. The manifold also supports an adjacent EK-CoolStream XE360 or smaller radiator and has perfect straight tube-runs directly into these radiators.

EKWB's EK-Quantum Reflection DK-05F Right is also compatible with the Lian LI DK-04F case and paired with the EK-Quantum Reflection Uni 140 D5 PWM D-RGB to form a synergy within the case. These water distribution plates truly elevate your PC-building experience. The addressable D-RGB LED strip runs down the entire length of the reservoir units while anodized black aluminum cover hides the unwanted LED hotspots.

The built-in addressable LED strip contains 35 digital LEDs on the Quantum Reflection DK-05F units and 5 on the 140 UNI version. These distro plates connect to the motherboard’s 5V addressable RGB header. They are also compatible with MSI MYSTIC LIGHT SYNC, ASROCK POLYCHROME SYNC, ASUS AURA SYNC, and GIGABYTE RGB FUSION 2 software for a coordinated lighting effect.

Name MSRP (incl. VAT)
EK-Quantum Reflection Uni 140 D5 PWM D-RGB – Plexi 259.90€ Order now!
EK-Quantum Reflection DK-O5F Left D-RGB – Plexi 289.90€ Order now!
EK-Quantum Reflection DK-O5F Right D-RGB – Plexi 289.90€ Order now!

The EK-Quantum Reflection distribution plates are available for pre-order through the EK Webshop and partner reseller network. These products are estimated to ship out on August 20, 2020, for up to $299.99.

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