EK Launches The EK-Quantum Vector TUF Water Blocks For The ASUS TUF AMD Radeon RX 6800/6900 Series GPUs


At the moment, it is pretty difficult to get current-generation graphics cards from both NVIDIA and AMD, but for the lucky few who do, EKWB has you covered for water cooling. EK has just launched the EK-Quantum Vector TUF water blocks specifically made for the ASUS TUF AMD Radeon RX 6800/6900 Series graphics cards.

EK Combines An Advanced Cooling Engine With An Excellent Aesthetic For The EK-Quantum Vector Water Block

The 2nd generation EK-Quantum Vector water blocks take advantage of an Open Split-Flow cooling engine design. The main feature of the cooling engine design is the low hydraulic flow restriction which allows the block to function with weaker pumps or at lower settings. The block is CNC-machined out of nickel-plated electrolytic copper while the top plate is either glass-like cast Acrylic or durable black POM acetal. The jet plate and the fin structure geometry have been optimized to offer the best performance with great flow distribution with any coolant flow orientation.

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To ensure no leaks occur, EK uses high-quality EPDM O-rings in the block to ensure everything is watertight. Brass standoffs are pre-installed for easy installation. The end-piece houses a D-RGB LED strip that lights up the entire water block. It features a total of 9 individually addressable RGB LEDs and a LED-lit terminal. EK recommends that you pair this with an aluminum retention backplate. This improves the look of your card as well as adding some passive cooling for the GPU, the VRM, and the memory. The backplate comes in both anodized black or nickel-plated.

The supported models are the TUF-RX6800-O16G-GAMING, TUF-RX6800XT-O16G-GAMING, and TUF-RX6900XT-O16G-GAMING. Both the nickel-plexi and nickel-acetal are available for preorder for $184.99 and $179.99, respectively. The nickel and anodized black backplate are available for preorder for $52.89 and $45.99, respectively. The ETA for both the backplate and the water block is early May.