eFootball Initial Autumn Release Will Be Basically a Demo, KONAMI Admits


Following the announcement of eFootball, this year's cross-platform football game developed by KONAMI for PC and consoles, the Japanese game developer decided to answer many of the fans' unanswered questions through a Twitter thread. For example, KONAMI admitted that the initial autumn release can be essentially considered a demo due to be expanded over time.

We also learned that there will be no microtransactions at the game's debut, and the Master League will be eventually offered as premium DLC. Finally, Edit Mode and Option Files (for PS4/5 and PC) will be added to eFootball with a free post-launch update.

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Q: Is eFootball just a mobile game for consoles?

A: eFootball is developed first for consoles but is a platform for everyone to enjoy. The game will take full advantage of the hardware capabilities of each supported device.

Q: Will next-gen graphics be downgraded to play against mobile users?

A: We will make graphical adjustments to the mobile version but the next-generation graphics on consoles and PC will not be downgraded.

Q: Can you turn off or filter cross-platform matchmaking?

A: We will include multiple filters for matchmaking based on location and platform.

Q: Is “Early Autumn” launch basically a demo?

A: In many ways, yes. We want people to get hands-on with eFootball as soon as possible, so we will launch with a limited number of teams and modes. Exact details to follow.

Q: What exactly will be free-to-play at launch?

A: During “Early Autumn”, eFootball will have no micro-transactions – so everything will be free-to-play at launch. We will then add more content during “Autumn”. Exact content details to follow.

Q: Can I play against the CPU/AI from “Early Autumn”?

A: Yes, Local Match will include this.

Q: Will there be support for Edit Mode / Option Files?

A: We are planning to add Edit Mode / Option Files as a free update for PS5, PS4 and PC after the initial release. Exact details to follow.

Q: When will Master League be added to eFootball?

A: Master League will be available as premium downloadable content in the future. Please wait for further announcements.

Q: Can you sign players without special agents?

A: Previous games had a strong “lottery element”, but eFootball lets you nominate and acquire your favourite players with Match Pass, a system to receive items based on matches played. Free & Paid Match Passes will be available.