Metal Gear Solid Remake Announcement Rumored to be Coming No Later than May 2023

Nathan Birch
Metal Gear Solid remake

Late last year, stealth fans got a jolt of excitement, when rumors broke that the original Metal Gear Solid was being remade with an announcement due sometime “soon.” While the rumor stated “soon” could be weeks or months away, many began to speculate that the MGS remake may show up at The Game Awards, which, unfortunately, didn’t happen. That said, the rumor isn't necessarily dead.

According to Spanish gaming site Areajugones, which was the source of the original Metal Gear Solid remake rumors and has accurately leaked a variety of PlayStation-related info in the past, an announcement is still on the way. Per Areajugones’ source, the MGS announcement will come sometime before May 2023, with a late-winter February or March announcement being most likely.

“The same source that gave us this information reiterates that the [Metal Gear Solid remake] announcement would be made in the future and not necessarily at The Game Awards. The Metal Gear Solid remake announcement should take place before May 2023, [and sounds] very strong [for] the first months of the year, especially February-March.”

Various rumors regarding Hideo Kojima’s stealth series have been circulating for a while, including that Metal Gear Solid 3 is also getting a remake. Whether all these rumors are true and how they might connect remains to be seen, so take this all with a grain of salt for now, but recall, many seemingly conflicting Silent Hill rumors made the rounds for years, before Konami announced the series was getting a whole slate of new games. Things being confusing doesn’t necessarily mean these rumors are untrue – Konami works in mysterious ways.

It should also be mentioned that it's rumored Sony will be unveiling some major new third-party PlayStation content soon. The Metal Gear Solid remake is said to be a PS5 exclusive, so perhaps one of these Sony announcements will be the Metal Gear Solid remake. Fingers crossed.

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