Edge Extensions Start Showing Up in the Windows Store, But Can’t be Used Yet


After months of waiting, Microsoft finally added support for extensions to its Edge browser in a Windows 10 Insider Preview from the Redstone branch. The functionality is yet to be fully baked though. Currently, if a user wants to try out Edge extensions, they will have to upgrade to the Insider Preview build from the Development Branch, and then side-load the extensions to Edge for them to work with the browser. In July, Microsoft plans to release the Anniversary Update bringing support to Windows 10 Insiders to directly download extensions without having to side-load them.

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Edge extensions appear in Windows 10; can't be used yet

Edge extensions have remained one of the most requested features in Windows 10. Extending a browser's functionality, these little snippets help in getting work done with more ease. While Google and other browsers have a strong support system for extensions where you can find an extension for just about any app and site, Microsoft's Edge is still trying to get there.

With some extensions appearing in the Windows Store, users were excited to test Microsoft Edge extensions. Those on the Windows Insider program can now download a select number of extensions, however, it appears that these extensions aren't yet working with the browser. For example, the Pin It button from Pinterest has shown up in the Windows Store listing, but isn't working for many testers. The extension is available on the Windows Store and users are able to install it too. Edge recognizes it, but the extension fails to actually work.

Microsoft plans to offer full support for extensions in Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 Anniversary Update which is also expected to debut the one-click install process from the Store in July. While we will have to wait until July to easily download and use Edge extensions, the next Preview build could bring support for the already available extensions, helping them work as they should.

Can't wait for the easy one-step install process? WindowsBlogItalia gives an early peek:

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