Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Gets New Gameplay, Post-Launch Info

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance

Publisher Wizards of the Coast and developer Tuque have recently invited us to a press event for Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, the upcoming soft reboot of the cooperative action RPG series.

The hands-on occurred through Parsec, the cloud streaming software. Truth to be told, it wasn't exactly a smooth experience, making it very hard for us to properly judge the combat's responsiveness (critical for any action game) or the visuals of Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance.

Additionally, the mission we played through was quite brief and didn't give us much of a chance to understand the fairly complex combo moves that can be accomplished with each of the four characters available in the game at launch (Drizzt Do’Urden, Catti-brie, Bruenor, and Wulfgar). On top of that, the challenge level had been set on the lowest setting, which meant we steamrolled through everything even as complete newbies.

All that said, we do have some new gameplay footage for you to check below.

As part of the event, we also learned new information on the post-launch roadmap that Tuque and Wizards of the Coast are preparing for Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance.

There are three content releases planned for the remainder of 2021, with the first two free and the third one paid. Content update #1 is due this Summer and will include a new story mission told over three levels where players battle a faction of Wraiths that are attempting to corrupt a forest spirit for their own gains. This update is also expected to add the highly requested two-player couch co-op feature to the Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and PC versions of Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance; the developers are also working on bringing this feature to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms at a later date.

Content update #2 is scheduled for this Fall. It'll add even more hardcore challenge ratings and a new story mission told over three levels where trolls have invaded Kelvin’s Cairn.

The third and final planned content update is expected to land late in 2021. It's an expansion called Echoes of the Blood War, available for $19.99. It will include a new playable magic-using character, new story missions, and new enemies.

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is coming very soon. It'll be out June 22nd on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X. PC and Xbox users will also have the chance to play the game as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and they'll even get to group together thanks to the cross-play functionality.

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