Download iTunes 11.0.3 For Windows And Mac With New MiniPlayer And More


iTunes 11 was released late last year, after what seemed to be an endless rumor cycle regarding what the new piece of software from Apple would and would not have. Today, you can download iTunes 11.0.13, the latest update to Apple's software for Windows and Mac. This particular update brings a host of new features, including the usual bevy of performance and stability improvements as well as crucial bug fixes. Lets take a look in to what iTunes 11.0.3 brings to the table, after the break.


The last iTunes update was pushed out in February, which also was a minor update that brought a new Composer View. Apart from that, the software has not seen any major changes in the two updates it has received since it was released back in November 2012. iTunes 11.0.3 is the third update for this software, while still being an incremental update since there are no new major features or substantial changes in the UI, this particular update does bring a number of new features that are bound to make life easier for millions of users around the world.

The list of features include new MiniPlayer improvements and radically improved and enhanced multi-disc album and Songs View. One would think that they don't exactly make up for such an exciting update, though it is subtle changes like these that greatly enhance the ease of use of any particular software, iTunes in this case. The user interface was significantly changed with iTunes 11 and it took users quite a bit of time to get familiarized with it. Some even criticized it for being too complex. We can't really expect any updates to the UI being made at this particular point in time, not only is it too soon, it won't exactly be a good move on the company's part to drop one major update a few months after it has already released one.

Its quite easy to download iTunes 11.0.3 on your Windows or Mac machine. You can either use Software Update, which will automatically search and prompt that an update is available. Alternatively, one can also visit Apple's iTunes page to manually download the software for their particular operating system from there. The update weighs in at 79MB.