PSA: You Can’t Downgrade watchOS 6 to watchOS 5 So Don’t Even Try


In case you are wondering, you can't downgrade watchOS 6 to watchOS 5 on Apple Watch, and here's why you can't.

If you are a brand new Apple Watch user then you must be super psyched about watchOS 6. The new features are definitely something that will make anyone drool. But, if you don't find the update in good taste, or you just learned that the update made your Apple Watch slightly slower than before then the only course of action you can take right now is downgrade watchOS 6 to watchOS 5.

Can I Downgrade watchOS 7 Final Back to watchOS 6 on Apple Watch?

Sadly, you can't downgrade watchOS 6 to watchOS 5 at all. Why? Because there's no way to do it, at all.

On iPhone, iPad or even the iPod touch, you get the convenience of connecting said devices to a PC or a Mac using a Lightning cable or a USB-C cable. This means that the device will just show up in iTunes after which you can restore the device to the firmware which is currently being signed by Apple. On Apple Watch, you can't do that at all. There's no consumer-facing port on the wearable which you can use to interface it with iTunes and perform a clean restore. In other words: you can't downgrade watchOS 6 to watchOS 5.

If you have already updated to watchOS 6, then you are out of luck completely. If you haven't updated, then it's a good idea to hop around social media and see how the update performs on the Apple Watch model which you have on your wrist. If you believe it's up to par in terms of performance then go ahead with the update, if not, then sit back and relax.

Even if watchOS 6 does not sit nicely with you, past experiences have shown that software updates have fixed a lot of issues which plague users in the first couple of months. Sure, it might not be something which everyone wants to go through, but hey, if it's a course of action that promises far better performance down the line then we are all up for it.

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