DJI Announces New OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal for Smartphones – Cheaper, Lighter, Better

dji OSMO Mobile 2

A new stabilizing gimbal - OSMO Mobile 2 - for smartphones has been announced by DJI. It's better than ever with insane battery life.

DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Improves the Original with Much-Needed Changes and 15 Hours of Battery Life.

Needless to say smartphone photography is now a thing. So, in order to improve our already-great experience, we throw in accessories into the mix to take things further. Nothing helps more than a stabilizing accessory, something which the DJI OSMO does really very well on a mobile level. Not only it ensures smooth shots, but packs some great features if you want to take things to a pro level.

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The OSMO Mobile 2 takes the original model and molds it into something extremely better. For starters, the battery life just went from OK to insane in just one release. To put things into perspective, the original model could push out up to four hours of usage before requiring a charge. But the new one handles fifteen hours of usage like a boss.


OSMO Mobile 2 is also lighter than the original model, ensuring that you can use it for longer too without straining your arm. The buttons have been moved around a little for easier access to the shutter and other onboard features.

Last but not the least, the pricing is game-changing one too. For just $129, you can get into the world of OSMO Mobile 2 which is far less than the original model. The gimbal will be available for pre-order straight from on the 23rd of January. But of course, the exclusivity will end in February, and you can go ahead and grab the accessory straight from your favorite vendor or straight from DJI if you so wish.

You can learn more about the OSMO Mobile 2 by heading over to this link.

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