DJI Osmo Mobile 5 Is Official, Features a Telescopic Selfie Stick, Improved Facial Recognition, More

DJI Osmo Mobile 5 Is Official, Features a Telescopic Selfie Stick, Improved Facial Recognition, More

The DJI Osmo Mobile 5 is the company’s brand new smartphone gimbal, arriving with a slew of improved technologies designed to make your images less blurry. To help with the stabilization bit, the OM 5 is also equipped with a telescopic selfie stick.

DJI Osmo Mobile 5 Takes a Massive Hit on the Battery Life, Unfortunately

Retaining the same foldable design to make it more compact, the DJI Osmo Mobile 5 is smaller and lighter, so your hand will not experience additional fatigue when using it. Despite its size reduction, DJI has incorporated many upgrades, but one huge downgrade, as you will soon find out. There is also a brand new ShotGuide feature, giving users access to tutorials and access to editing to help capture images seamlessly and quickly.

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DJI has also implemented ActiveTrack 4.0 on the Osmo Mobile 5. According to the manufacturer, the OM 5 now supports tracking up to 3x zoom and 5m/s while accurately identifying and following the subject centered in the frame. The three-axis system comes with several shooting modes, which is not surprising, given that it is DJI, and that includes Gesture Control, Timelapse/Motionlapse/Hyperlapse, Panorama, Dynamic Zoom, Glamour Effects for automatic retouches, and a Spin Shot mode.


Sadly, being smaller and lighter than the Osmo Mobile 4 means that the Osmo Mobile 5 takes an enormous hit in the battery life department. Where the OM 4 delivered up to 15 hours, the OM 5 provides up to six hours and 20 minutes, which is less than half the runtime. As for pricing, the OM 5 costs $159 and is available today in two colors; Athens Gray and Sunset White. Alongside the gimbal, DJI is selling a new optional $59 accessory, the DJI Fill Light Phone Clamp, which looks like a standard magnetic clamp, but features built-in lights to help brighten up your selfies.

The accessory will be available to purchase at a later date, though.

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