You Can Now Catch Ditto in Pokemon GO – Did you Catch One Yet?


That's right, you can now catch Ditto in Pokemon GO. But you won't see one instantly, instead you need a keen little eye on things.

Ditto Shows Up As a Regular Pokemon on the Map - Once Caught, He Reveals Himself

A couple of days back we stumbled upon a report suggesting that Generation 2 Pokemon are well on their way to Pokemon GO. Along with that news came with a surprise tidbit that Ditto would be making the cut into the game as well. In case you're wondering - Ditto is a Pokemon that can transform itself to any other Pokemon at will. But surprisingly, no one had been able to catch a Ditto in the game yet, probably because it wasn't meant to be caught up until this point.

Today, we are getting multiple confirmation reports of players being able to catch Ditto in the wild. But there's a small little caveat everyone should know about right away - Ditto doesn't appear as itself when it shows up on a map. There's a possibility he'll first look like a Rattata, Sandshrew or something else. Once you've caught him using a PokeBall, he will transform back to its original state.

In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, just check out the little clip below, where Ditto appeared as a Rattata then transformed back to its original self once caught.

So yes, players can go out and about catching Dittos if they so wish. But remember, do not be fooled by a regular Pokemon. There's a high chance you're standing face to face with a Ditto. Only catching that Pokemon will tell you what exactly you managed to bag.

Download Pokemon GO for Mobile

Pokemon GO is a free to play game coupled with in-app purchases in order to expand your gameplay even further. It's available for both iOS and Android devices. Tap on the link below to get in on the action.

If you have lost interest in Pokemon GO lately, then you'll be pleased to learn there is a huge incentive waiting for you if you pick up the game again today. From November 23rd through 27, Niantic Labs has announced that it would be giving away double XP and Stardust for every action a player makes. That's a great way to level up quicker and evolve your Pokemon in a short span of time.

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