100 New Generation 2 Pokemon Are Coming to Pokemon GO

Uzair Ghani
Pokemon GO

If Pokemon GO has turned stale for your lately then you could be in for a great surprise very soon.

References to 100 New Generation 2 Pokemon Spotted in Pokemon GO Code

Pokemon GO has seen a bunch of updates in the past few months, introducing a handful of new features and enhancements along the way. While the features are more than enough to keep players hooked to the game, with more on the way, but bumping into the same old Pokemon over and over again can get quite boring. Trust me, I've been there, and so have you.

But all of that could change very soon.

The Silph Road took it upon themselves to dig deep into Pokemon GO's code and found references to 100 new generation 2 Pokemon. Of course, these are just placeholders, nothing more. Which in turn means Niantic has to push out a new update to the game in order to introduce new Pokemon to everyone. But given how vocal Niantic is when it comes to upcoming updates, therefore do not expect the new Pokemon make the cut into the game any time soon. The company is, after all, absolutely silent in this regard, giving us a hint new Pokemon will make the cut in a later future update, if not sooner.

Interestingly, there's a reference to a new 'Transform' battle move in the game as well. This obviously refers to a Pokemon called Ditto (with the ability to transform into any Pokemon it is battling) who hasn't been found so far by any player, despite its reference being in the game since day one. Nonetheless, this paves the way for great things ahead of us, and big hope that Ditto will be with us soon as well.

We are quite certain Niantic will make an official announcement before pushing out the new generation 2 Pokemon for everyone. Whenever that happens, we will be here with more details about it.

Meanwhile, if you haven't played Pokemon GO yet, then you'll be pleased to learn the game is absolutely free to download. But of course, there are in-app purchases around corners if you're willing to take your experience a little further. Tap on the links below to kick off the download:


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