Disintegration Multiplayer Beta Giveaway – Check Out This New Shooter

Alessio Palumbo
Disintegration Multiplayer Beta

Disintegration, the first game developed by V1 Interactive (founded by Halo creator Marcus Lehto), is opening up for a multiplayer beta test later today.

This is a closed testing phase, due between Tuesday, 28th Jan 2020 | 8 AM PT - 11:59 PT and Wednesday, 29th Jan 2020 | 8 AM PT - 11:59 PT. We've got 350 Steam beta codes that will let you in to test this interesting new first-person tactical shooter game.

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This is a first-come, first-served giveaway, which means you can pick up your code after filling the form below and then go straight to Steam to download Disintegration.

Disintegration Multiplayer Beta Giveaway

Two out of three game modes will be in the Disintegration multiplayer beta, as outlined below by V1 Interactive.

Game Modes Available

  • Retrieval – In Retrieval, the first game mode, players compete in two intense rounds in which one team attempts to deliver a payload which can only be carried by their ground crew while the other team defends.
  • Control – In the second game mode, Control, two teams vie for domination over various capture points. Players must ensure their ground crew are alive and within the zone as this is the only way to accrue score to win the match.

Additional Information

Players will be able to play with seven of the final game’s unique crews in the beta, such as the damage-boosting Tech Noir or the nuke-launching Warhedz. The purpose of the betas is to ensure stability and collect feedback ahead of when the game launches later this year.

For more information about Disintegration, check out Dave's hands-on preview from Gamescom 2019 and his subsequent interview with Marcus Lehto himself.

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