Digital Wellbeing Now Available for the Nokia 7 and 6 Plus

At Google I/O this year, Google announced their 'digital wellbeing' initiative which purportedly helped users curb their smartphone addiction. It was expected to be released alongside Android Pie and was exclusive to the Google Pixel smartphones initially. It was expected to make its way to other devices, and since the feature takes advantage of native Android Pie APIs, it was fairly easy to bring it to any device running Android Pie such as the OnePlus 6 and Nokia 7.1. Recently, we learned that it would come to Android One devices. Today, HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer of Nokia products, Juho Sarvikas, announced that Digital Wellbeing is available for the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6 Plus.

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Digital Wellbeing apparently helps curb your smartphone addiction through the use of greyscale to wind down your smartphone usage at night, do not disturb mode scheduling, app usage dashboards and timers, and more. It aims to help you get to sleep on time while also identifying when you might use your smartphone too much. The initiative might look good on paper, but in reality, it'll take a lot more than a greyed out display to deter users from putting their phone down.

HMD Global’s commitment to updating their devices is praiseworthy. While they haven’t been the most developer friendly when it comes to bootloader unlocking, their commitment to timely software updates makes them truly stand out. Two of their devices are already on Android Pie, which is more than several companies at the moment. Juho Sarvikas also says that Android Pie will be released to more devices soon, even the cheap ones. It is unclear how many of said devices will get Digital Wellbeing at this point. You can download the Digital Wellbeing application from the Google Play Store on your Nokia 7 Plus or Nokia 6 Plus, and it should start working right off the bat.

News Source: XDA developers

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