DICE: A Lot of the NVIDIA RTX Stuff is Brilliant, You Can Have Specific Gameplay Moments You’ve Never Had Before

Speaking with PC GamesN in a recent interview, DICE Design Director Daniel Berlin discussed how technologies such as the NVIDIA RTX raytracing impacted gameplay moments in a game like Battlefield V.

A lot of the RTX stuff is brilliant. The way you can have these specific gameplay moments you’ve never had before, like spotting somebody come around a corner in the reflection of a car and taking them out; that stuff is super cool. And I think that, across the board as we push technology, there’s a lot of advancements in other areas too, and particularly for storytelling. Facial animation has come a long way, and that type of portrayal where you’re actually seeing emotions in someone’s face; that’s something we really lean into with War Stories.

With the Tirailleur story, you’ll notice there’s one section where, when you’re cresting over a knoll, you just see this vast, almost daunting line of fortifications stretching all across the horizon. It’s a big moment, a detailed moment and – I hope – an emotional moment. And that’s a technological marvel in a sense. In order to do that – and in order to portray the feeling you have in being sent on an impossible mission while being underpowered versus an overpowering force – being able to portray that moment visually, and the feeling you get at that moment, is in part to do with what technology allows us to do.

Battlefield V was originally scheduled to launch on October 19th, but DICE ultimately announced a delay to November 20th in order to make 'some final adjustments on the core gameplay'.

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This also gave them more time to optimize the NVIDIA RTX performance. Back in August, the developers confirmed the game couldn't manage 30 frames per second at 4K resolution with an RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, but they already had ideas on how to improve performance. This will be the first real test for NVIDIA's raytracing bid and it's one we can't wait to check out for ourselves.

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