Devil May Cry 5 New Screenshots Showcase Bloody Palace And More

Devil May Cry 5

Last week, new Devil May Cry 5 information has been shared online, such as details on the new character V and the Bloody Palace, which will be made available some time after launch. Today, some new screenshots have emerged online, showcasing more of the new character and mode.

The new screenshots have been made available through the latest issue of Famitsu. Not only they give us another look at V but they also give us the first look at the new Blood Palace mode. The playable area seems to be much bigger than the one seen in previous entries in the series, so there's a very good chance that the mode will also come with multiplayer features.

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Earlier this week, a new Devil May Cry 5 trailer has been shared online, showcasing all three playable characters. V, in particular, is setting out to be a much different character than the other two, with a very unique fighting style.

 V may appear weak next to Nero and Dante, but he has the ability to unleash a unique fighting style that sees him summon three different demons to assist in battle:

  • Shadow – a swift, four-legged panther-like creature with savage agility that sees him change his shape into sharp blades and needles for perfectly executed close-range attacks
  • Griffon – a bird-like demon possessing aerial combat skills which allows him to carry V across Red Grave City and shoot lightning bolts at enemies from up above
  • Nightmare – the most powerful of V’s demons. Nightmare’s gigantic size sees him destroy enemies with just his basic attack, and he can also fire beams of light to destroy any approaching foes.

Utilizing a combination of all three demons’ powers, players can take their enemies down to the brink of death, allowing V to swing into battle and finish them off with a devastating cane attack.

Devil May Cry 5 launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 8th.

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