Destiny 2 New Light and Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Have Been Delayed to October 1st

Destiny 2 shadowkeep new light delay

Bungie has announced that both Destiny 2 New Light and Destiny 2 Shadowkeep have been delayed to October 1st.

According to Bungie, both releases will benefit from some additional time “in the oven”. Shadowkeep, Bungie’s first major Destiny 2 expansion as an independent studio and Destiny 2: New Light, Bungie’s rebranded free version of the game that will include all year one missions, activities and rewards, where initially slated for a release on September 17 but will now release two weeks later.

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"As we get closer and closer to serving up Shadowkeep and New Light, it has become increasingly clear to us that our releases for this Fall would benefit from a bit more time in the oven," Bungie writes. "Being independent means that the future of Destiny 2 is entirely on our team. It also means that we’re agile enough to choose to do what's best for the game and our players, even if it's the hard choice."

The studio added, “We didn't make this decision lightly. We know for some of you (us too), Destiny releases are events where you take time off of work or develop a sudden sickness that keeps you from school or work (we get it, a bunch of our team takes some time off to go on their own Destiny Jacket Quest). We're sorry for screwing up your plans and we wanted to share this information as quickly as we could.”

Destiny 2 New Light and Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will be available through Steam.

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