Destiny 2 Finally Reviving Trials of Osiris, Weapons to Have Limited Shelf Lives in Future


Destiny 2 will be kicking off its next season soon, and it will include something fans have been asking for a long time – the return of the 3v3 PvP mode, Trials of Osiris. Bungie revealed the return of Trials of Osiris via the following hype video.

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According to Bungie, they’ve been working hard on Trials of Osiris to ensure the experience doesn’t go out “half-baked.” Bungie also promise they’re bringing back some favorite maps from the original Destiny, including Cauldron, Exodus Blue, and Anomaly, as well as the original Trials gear set. Sounds like Trials’ return is being done right. Trials of Osiris will be part of the upcoming Season of the Worthy, which doesn’t have a release date yet – the current Season of Dawn wraps up on March 9, so expect the new season to drop shortly after that.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie just posted an extensive new “Director’s Cut” blog post, going over the past year of the game and what changes we can expect going forward. Basically, there are two big shakeups teased – first, future seasons will focus less on limited-time challenges, and more on replayable “core activities” like Crucible. Future seasons will zero in on refreshing and applying new themes to these core activities rather than offering one-off, limited-time activities.

Ultimately though, probably the biggest (and potentially controversial) change is that Bungie wants Legendary weapons to start having a shelf life. The feeling is, being able to keep and endlessly upgrade all your weapons is discouraging players from trying new stuff, so, going forward you’ll only be able to raise the power of certain weapons for a limited time…

Items will enter the ecosystem, be able to be infused for some number of Seasons and beyond that, their power won’t be able to be raised. Our hope is that instead of having to account for a weapon’s viability forever when we create one, it can be easier to let something powerful exist in the ecosystem. And those potent weapons entering the ecosystem mean there’s more fun items to pursue.

Hmmm, well, we’ll see what the fans have to say about that. I have a feeling Bungie might be doing some backtracking on this decision.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.