Deathverse: Let It Die PvPvE Game Launches Soon on PS and PC

Deathverse: Let It Die

Today, GungHo Online Entertainment and SUPERTRICK GAMES announced the release date of Deathverse: Let It Die, a PvPvE game spin-off of Let It Die.

The game will launch on September 28th for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, while PC gamers must wait another week before Deathverse: Let It Die debuts on Steam.

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Below you'll find a detailed overview of Deathverse: Let It Die game modes, weapons, features, and currency.

Game Modes
● In Ranked Match, compete for higher ranking, earn GP, evade hunters, and fight to be the last player standing. All GP earned will be converted to RP (Rank Point) to raise your Star Ranking, which allows you to earn better rewards as it increases.
● In Exhibition Match, there are no rankings, just the same great DEATH JAMBOREE action. GP in this mode restores voltage and powers up your attacks in five stages. It also earns you more rewards.
● In a Room Game, join a Room as a guest with a Room Key. Game Logs from Room Games can be saved, up to five at a time, then archived after a week’s time. To host a room, you must purchase a Platinum Jubilee Pass.
● The game also offers Training and a Tutorial.

● The Machete is a balanced weapon offering good damage and ease of use. It is a solid choice for both beginners and veterans.
● The Katana is defined by high damage and forward lunges. Its special attack can be used to counter opponents.
● The Hammer offers heavy damage with each blow. Gather strength to unleash special attacks that deal more damage.
● The Arms are literally attached to your arms, so use them for melee attacks that are effective at breaking shields.

● The Buzzsaw is more difficult to wield than other weapons but very powerful once mastered. Its special attacks can be used in quick succession.

Gameplay Features
● Your trusty robot companion, Wilson, will come in handy during Deathverse: Let It Die matches, with the ability to shield against enemy attacks, fire energy bullets, scan the stage for enemies, and activate Skills.
● Each player has Voltage, comparable to HP in other games, and when it reaches zero, game over. Attack other players and Cryptids to increase your Voltage, earn GP, and power up. You can also eat Mushrooms to increase your Voltage and GP, as well as trigger other effects.
● Across the game map, powerful creatures called Cryptids lurk and will attack DEATH JAMBOREE contestants. Fend them off to earn GP. Other enemies appear during matches, Hunters, that will chase players down ruthlessly. There are multiple types with different abilities, so do your best to learn their habits and survive.
● You can customize tons in your Inventory, including weapons, weapon skins, Wilson skins, shield skins, costumes, and face paint.
● Complete daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges to earn Season XP (SXP).

● Death Metal is used for daily, limited-time, special offer purchasables, as well as the battle pass. It is the only currency that can be purchased in Deathverse: Let It Die.
● Kill Coins are used for purchasing materials and crafting equipment.
● Material Tickets and T-Chips can be exchanged for materials used in crafting.
● Jamboree Pass
○ Silver - exclusive Jamboree Pass rewards, +3 to Season Lv. next season
○ Gold - exclusive Jamboree Pass rewards, Season Lv. +25, +10% bonus to SXP this season, +5 to Season Lv. next season
○ Platinum - exclusive Jamboree Pass rewards, Season Lv. +25, +20% bonus to SXP this season, Season Login Reward: Season Lv. Up, able to host Room Matches, +5 to Season Lv. next season

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