Let It Die Celebrates the Bloody Holiday Fest With European Release


Who needs Santa when Uncle Death brings better gifts. This week, European PlayStation 4 owners will be able to enjoy Grasshopper Manufacture's free-to-play hack 'n' slasher, Let It Die.

From now until January 4th, Let It Die is also hosting their Bloody Holiday Feast which features an expanded Tokyo Death Metro Raid Campaign and new daily log-in gifts that include rare items.

Here's the schedule of the special daily gifts Daily Gifts:

  • 12/24: Tryptamine D & D.O.D. ARMS Green Metal
  • 12/25: Death Metal & MDF
  • 12/26: Solo Shelter & Scratch Metal
  • 12/27: Barbmeat Half Portion & Wire Mountain
  • 12/28: 1-Day Express Pass & Rare Metal
  • 12/29: Tryptamine D & Piece of Broken Copperware
  • 12/30: Solo Shelter & Bone Metal
  • 12/31: Barbmeat Half Portion & Hemp
  • 1/1: Death Metal & War Ensemble Green Metal
  • 1/2: 1-Day Express Pass & Vegetable Oil
  • 1/3: Tryptamine D & Hovering Metal

Hideyuki Shin, Director at Grasshopper Manufacture, said in a press release about Let It Die coming to new territories.

We want to continue building on our rapidly increasing fan base for Let It Die, which has grown exponentially since launch, because as our player base grows, so does the game. We've not only opened the digital store to all players, but we also made the game available to additional territories in Europe.

Let It Die is available now on PlayStation 4. For $14.99, users will be able to buy an Express Pass, which grants players access to the special elevator, bag size expansion, and a free daily bonus decal. That's not counting Direct Hell Booster Pack which contains Death Metals, Kill Coins, and other gear Playstation Plus members have access to. The expanded PVP event will end on January 28th; for more details, just check out the Let It Die blog.

Be sure to check out our review of Let It Die where our own Kai Powell said that Suda51's insane humor is more than enough to keep this free-to-play Souls-like title going.