Deathloop New Gameplay Footage Focuses on Weapons and Gadgets

Francesco De Meo

New Deathloop gameplay footage has been shared online, providing yet another look at the first-person game developed by Arkane.

The new footage, shared online by Game Informer, focuses on the many weapons and gadgets that will be featured in the upcoming game. You can take a look at the footage right below.

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Get your exclusive first look at the weapons in Deathloop thanks to this exclusive new gameplay sent our way by Arkane Studios as part of Game Informer's cover story videos for March 2021. The island of Blackreef is home to an eccentric arsenal of guns and gadgets, and you'll need to utilize all of them to help Colt escape the timeloop.


Deathloop will feature a very interesting premise as well as a chunky campaign, according to Game Director Dinga Bakaba. The campaign will feature a lot of investigation as well optional gameplay and narrative vignettes.

There's a lot of completely optional both gameplay and narrative vignettes that the players can discover by exploring the map. We love exploration of space, but here there's also the exploration of time. I think it's a pretty chunky game, even if you're just doing the investigation and trying to break the time loop, I think it's comparable to our former games. Then there's a lot more to explore and experiment in Deathloop, just have fun and play because of the iterative world. Then there's also the Juliana angle, as you can take control of Juliana and invade another player's game, just have fun there. It's not a very competitive mode, it's not about who wins and who loses, it's more about creating nice stories.

Deathloop releases on PC and PlayStation 5 on May 21st.

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