Deathloop Features a ‘Chunky’ Campaign, Comparable to Dishonored But More Replayable


Deathloop is now less than three months from its scheduled May 21st release date. As we approach the game's launch, developer Arkane and publisher Bethesda are pumping up the marketing campaign. To that end, Game Director Dinga Bakaba was interviewed during this weekend's IGN Fan Fest 2021 and revealed the expected length of the game.

There is a chunky single player campaign here. The beginning hours of Deathloop are a bit directed, you're that cold guy stumbling his way into trying to understand what is this island. At some point the game kind of opens up and you have a certain number of leads.

I think it's quite a chunky campaign with a lot of investigation. Then around that there's a world that's iterating, there are four time periods, four districts that you can explore with a nice variation. Each district has its little story over the day. In the morning, for instance it's pretty calm because the party is only starting; by the end of the day it's very messy, with trash all over the streets, graffitis all over and then the next day it starts again. It's nice to see these evolutions in the districts.

There's a lot of completely optional both gameplay and narrative vignettes that the players can discover by exploring the map. We love exploration of space, but here there's also the exploration of time. I think it's a pretty chunky game, even if you're just doing the investigation and trying to break the time loop, I think it's comparable to our former games. Then there's a lot more to explore and experiment in Deathloop, just have fun and play because of the iterative world. Then there's also the Juliana angle, as you can take control of Juliana and invade another player's game, just have fun there. It's not a very competitive mode, it's not about who wins and who loses, it's more about creating nice stories.

I think there's quite a few hours for people who want to sink their teeth into this game.

Deathloop will launch on PC and PlayStation 5. Sony got a timed console exclusivity deal of a year, which means we can expect the game to hit Xbox Series X at some point in June 2022.

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