Viktor Antonov’s Darewise Entertainment To Use Improbable’s SpatialOS Technology

Alessio Palumbo

Darewise Entertainment, a Paris based game development studio led by creatives such as Viktor Antonov (Visual Design Director on Half-Life 2 and Dishonored), Benjamin Charbit (who previously worked at Ubisoft Annecy on Assassin's Creed multiplayer) and Randy Smith (Project Director on Thief: Deadly Shadows), announced their new partnership with Improbable.

According to the press release, Darewise intends to use the SpatialOS technology "to create persistent game worlds, where player actions have lasting impact and consequences, and worlds have living histories and battle-scars".

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Darewise Design Director Randy Smith said:

We at Darewise are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of online gaming experiences, and we are very excited to explore the possibilities of a new type of virtual world, with richer simulations and meaningful persistence that are only possible thanks to SpatialOS.

Bill Roper, Improbable’s Chief Creative Officer, added:

The creative partnership of Randy and Viktor, and the talent supporting their vision at Darewise, is tremendously exciting. We’re looking forward to seeing how SpatialOS could inform and enable their vision, and to learning more about how to improve our technology and workflows to better support innovative studios like Darewise.

On Darewise's official website we can read that the studio intends to specialize in MMO development with the goal of crafting "immense multiplayer worlds that combine disruptive technologies with mind-blowing art and innovative gameplay". The team is apparently working on several projects at once while continuing to develop Rokh, the survival game set on Mars which released on Steam Early Access in May 2017.

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