Cyberpunk 2077 FSR 2.0 Mod Aims to Replace NVIDIA DLSS and Also Works on Steam Deck

cyberpunk 2077 fsr 2.0 mod

A freshly-released Cyberpunk 2077 FSR 2.0 mod aims to replace NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling tech with promising early results.

A few days ago, AMD made its FSR 'FidelityFX Super Resolution' technology open-source by releasing the source code, and a crafty modder has now released a modification that replaces NVIDIA's temporal upscaling tech with that of the Red team. Created by 'PotatoOfDoom', the "FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 for Cyberpunk" mod is still very early in development and still more of a proof of concept at this point, but going by early testing, the performance of Cyberpunk 2077 in 4K resolution using FSR 2.0 instead of DLSS improves significantly.

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"This mod attempts to replace DLSS with FidelityFx Super Resolution 2.0. The mod is still in development, but early results are already quite impressive: My GTX 1080 is able to run Cyberpunk in 4k with about ~45 FPS which is a 2x improvement compared to the native 4k performance while having a very minor quality impact", the modder writes. "

Both FSR 2.0 and Nvidia DLSS are temporal upscalers and work (except for some minor differences) very similar. This means that both systems need similar data to work. Luckily, NVIDIA publishes its DLSS implementation as a dynamic library ( a dll file). This allows us to simply replace the DLL in question with our own version that is able to translate NVIDIA DLSS to FSR 2.0 commands. API reimplementations like Wine or DXVK work in a similar way.

Interesting to note is that this mod also works on Valve's Steam Deck. According to 'PotatoOfDoom', the mod was created for those who want to play the game with incompatible GPUs and are forced to use FSR 1.0. The modder notes that, in most cases, the standard DLSS version of Cyberpunk 2077 will work better than this mod.

Installation of the Cyberpunk 2077 FSR 2.0 mod is easy, but be sure to follow the installation instructions as provided here. Those interested in trying out this promising new mod can download it via Nexusmods.

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