CONSORTIUM: The Tower To Be Shelved Indefinitely If The Kickstarter Fails


Just last week, we told you about CONSORTIUM: The Tower's newly launched Kickstarter campaign. Since then, we have reached out to Interdimensional Games in order to learn more about this project.

Steven and Gregory MacMartin, Co-Project Leads, have kindly answered our questions. Arguably the most important one was whether the studio had any backup plan in case the campaign failed; some developers, for instance, decided to go ahead and publish the game on Steam Early Access.

It won't be the case with CONSORTIUM: The Tower, however: it's all or nothing with this one.

  • What happens if you don't reach the minimum goal of the Kickstarter campaign? Do you have a backup plan, or will it just take longer to make CONSORTIUM: The Tower?
  • We’ve honestly put all of our eggs into this basket and will have no choice but to shelve the project indefinitely if we do not reach our goal. This very much is a passion project for us, and we will get it made eventually, but Kickstarter was our only viable funding option at this time. If the market decides it doesn’t want us to make the game now, we are prepared to accept that and put it on the backburner until a later date when other options present themselves.

That would be a real shame, as with CONSORTIUM: The Tower Interdimensional Games is looking to expand greatly on an already intriguing concept. Come back tomorrow to read our full interview with the MacMartin brothers, where you'll learn more details on the game and why you should consider backing it before it goes back on the dream shelf.