UE4 Powered Consortium: The Tower Is Now Fully Funded on FIG, Targeting Stretch Goals Next

Less than a week ago we posted about Consortium: The Tower trying to get crowdfunded on FIG, after the failure of the Kickstarter campaign.

There's good news for those interested in this first person immersive Sci-fi simulation game: the base goal has just been surpassed and now, with 28 days and a half left before the end of the FIG campaign, Consortium: The Tower will be targeting stretch goals.

The first one has been set at $350K and it's titled Equipment Engineering.

Find a major upgrade to your PCU in The Tower that allows you to break down items you recycle into three types of materials (Elements, Compounds and Exotics) and then combine these materials with your equipment to apply various upgrades. Based on your preferences, your team will work with you to discover new upgrade "recipes".

The title of the second stretch goal can be seen already and it's Expanded Simulation, though the funding goal and details are still blurred away at the moment. Consortium: The Tower, now powered by Unreal Engine 4, has an estimated release date due in Q1 2018 for PC (Mac/Linux included), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; you can read a lot more about the game in our exclusive interview with Gregory and Steven McMartin, brothers and project co-leads at Interdimensional Games.

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