Codemasters Amazed by Sheer Speed of Xbox Series X SSD; No Loading Times for Dirt 5

Xbox Series X

Technical Director at Dirt 5 developer Codemasters, David Springate, has said to be truly amazed by the sheer speed of the Xbox Series X SSD.

In a new blog post on the official Xbox Wire, Springate talks about optimizing the upcoming Dirt 5 for Microsoft’s next-gen console and what the console enables the team to achieve in the future that couldn’t have been done on the current-gen consoles.

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Although, on paper, slower than Sony's PS5 SSD, the technical director is highly positive about the speed of the custom next-gen SSD inside the Series X, allowing the team to ditch loading screens alltogether.

"Obviously, that SSD drive is incredible", Springate said. "It’s not like a PC SSD, it’s more than that. Being able to load data so ridiculously fast is not only really impressive but as a developer, it’s very interesting."

"For Dirt 5, we’re going to be able to get into races super fast. It means no loading screens getting in the way, no dawdling, no looking at my phone, it means that the action will be non-stop.

In the future, I’m really excited to see how this technology is going to change the face of videogames because I really believe it will."

The Dirt 5 developer added that he's really interested in seeing how the team can push the new SSD drive and the new hardware decrompression capabilities in the future.

Q: What does Xbox Series X/next-generation development enable in current or future projects that you could not have achieved with the current generation of consoles?

A: There are loads of things for us to still explore in the new hardware but I’m most intrigued to see what we can do with the new SSD drive and the hardware decompression capabilities in the Xbox Velocity Architecture.

The drive is so fast that I can load data mid-frame, use it, consume it, unload and replace it with something else in the middle of a frame, treating GPU memory like a virtual disk. How much texture data can I now load?

I’m looking forward to pushing this as far as I can to see what kind of beautiful experiences we can deliver.

The Xbox Series X is slated for a launch this holiday season. Microsoft has to announce the console's release date and pricing.

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