Close to the Sun and Sherlock Holmes Are Now Free on EGS; Next Week It’s Just Cause 4’s Turn

Close to the Sun

Two new games are free to grab on the Epic Games Store, from now until April 16th at 5 PM. These are Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, an adventure game released by Frogwares in 2014, and Close to the Sun, a horror game launched last year by Italian indie studio Storm in a Teacup.

Chris reviewed Close to the Sun with a 7/10, in case you missed it at the time.

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All things considered, though, I would heartily recommend Close to the Sun. With some fantastic world-building, an incredibly well detailed and atmospheric setting that's enhanced by a cast of interesting characters with great voice acting. The real issue comes from the lack of replay value, though for those who like to explore the world and story, there are reasons to go back.

We also learned of the next two games that will be free on the Epic Games store starting April 16th and until April 23th at 5 PM. These are indie 'road trip' game Wheels of Aurelia, originally released in 2016, and Avalanche's Just Cause 4, the open world game launched in late 2018. Nathan rated it 6.5/10 with the following summary:

Just Cause 4 delivers a truly astounding open world that lacks much to do beyond “blow up more gas tanks.” A shallow story, an absence of interesting NPCs, and frustrating mission design make for an uninvolving game that sometimes feels like a job to play. There is fun to be had in Just Cause 4, but only if you stage a revolution against what the game wants you to do.

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