Clean Install tvOS 11 GM (Gold Master) on Apple TV Right Now – Here’s How

Uzair Ghani
clean install tvOS 11 GM

Looking to clean install tvOS 11 GM on your Apple TV right now? We’ll show you how you can in a few easy steps.

Experience tvOS 11 GM to its Full Potential with a Clean Install on Your Apple TV

Performing a clean installation of any firmware on a device has a satisfying feel to it. Not only the performance benefits are aplenty, but it also breathes a sigh of fresh air into your prized gadget. If you are an owner of an Apple TV 4, then things aren’t so different at all.

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With tvOS 11 GM now available to download for developers, you have the option to perform a clean install at a moment’s notice. But do keep in mind that you should have an Apple Developer Program membership at hand in order to do a full clean install since the tvOS 11 GM restore image is not available yet for public beta testers. With that out of the way, here’s what you need to do in order to clean install tvOS 11 GM on your Apple TV.

Clean Install tvOS 11 GM on Apple TV - Tutorial

First and foremost, you must register your Apple TV’s UDID with Apple itself. Once the process is complete, it’s the simple case of downloading the tvOS 11 Gold Master restore image and using iTunes to install it on your Apple TV. In fact, the steps for doing so aren’t different at all when compared to the tvOS 11 Beta. So, head over to this tutorial and follow the steps exactly as they are, except you will be downloading the tvOS 11 GM file in the last few steps instead of tvOS 11 Beta.

The entire process won’t take more than a few minutes given that you have everything in hand already. This includes the tvOS 11 GM restore file, iTunes, and most importantly, a USB-C cable to interface your Apple TV with your PC or Mac.

Wrap Up

Say what you may, but the Apple TV has a bright future, given that 4K content is now finally available on the platform. It goes on to show Apple’s commitment in the entertainment arena, and with time, things will only get better. But of course, in order to take advantage of that content, you need to buy the latest Apple TV 4K, and you should have a solid Internet connection at home too in order to stream UHD material.

Be very considerate before taking that route.

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