Chivalry II Dev: Next-Gen SSD Will Really Make a Difference for Open World, Less So for Other Games

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At a recent press event for Chivalry II (and Maneater), we were able to interview Steve Piggott and Alex Hayter, respectively President/Lead Gameplay Designer and Brand Director at Torn Banner Studios.

We pried lots of details on the upcoming Chivalry II game, of course, but we also inquired about their opinion on next-gen platforms and their key specifications, such as the built-in SSD. According to Steve Piggott, it will really matter mostly for open world games.

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Steve: I'm actually not sure what has been released about the consoles and I know more than the public probably, so... We're excited about it. I think it's definitely a step forward.

Alex: We're just talking about Chivalry II on PC today, obviously, but we watch everything in the industry that's happening. I think it's exciting to see what direction each of the publishers is taking, whether it's Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo or Stadia as you were talking about. As enthusiasts of the industry and people who play so many games, it's just cool to see what's coming next.

Steve: [The SSD improvement] really depends on the type of game. There's some games where that won't be a huge deal, but if you have anything that's open world or streaming, it really will make a difference.

The head of Torn Banner Studios also expressed his thoughts on Google Stadia, the cloud streaming service launched by Google this past November.

We definitely think it's exciting. It's just a matter of them solving the technical issues, especially with a game like Chivalry. If there's any input lag you notice it because with an FPS, you are constantly attached to the controls. It's not just an every now and then, how the game feels and responds to you is so important. If that is good enough for a multiplayer FPS, then I'm very interested in it. Until it is, I'm not as interested because those are the games I love to play.

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