Chernobylite, the STALKER-Inspired Survival Horror Game, Gets DX12/AMD FidelityFX CAS Support and Pripyat Zone


It's been a while since we covered Chernobylite, the STALKER-inspired survival horror game set in a 3D-scanned version of the real Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

The game, originally funded on Kickstarter, was launched on Steam Early Access in October 2019. A new update released yesterday added plenty of new content (including the Pripyat zone) to Chernobylite as well as new features like DirectX 12 and AMD FidelityFX CAS support.

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Content Additions:

  • Added a new level: Pripyat Central. You will visit Lenin Square, the famous amusement park and several nearby buildings, such as Energetik or Polissya hotel.
  • Added a new level: Fractal World “Web of Lies”. This very mysterious and important mission xposes some past events and gives answers to a few questions, serving as the conclusion of a new investigation on the board.
  • A new story character "Olga" has been added. A tough Ukrainian teenage girl, she's one of the inhabitants of "The Village"  a settlement deep in the dreary Red Forest. She fears no one and hates NAR with a passion after witnessing their cruelty. Her goal is simple but difficult to achieve  she wants all of NAR out of Chernobyl, or dead (and not exactly in that order). Olga can be recruited to the base and sent on missions. The player can also learn new skills from her.
  • New quest “Some excuses” (part of Georgiy chain).
  • New quest “Hardware for real men” (part of Sashko chain).
  • New quest “Checkpoint assault” (part of Sashko chain).
  • New quest “A voice in the woods” (new chain - Olga).
  • Red Forest has been filled with several new events

Technology improvements:

  • Chernobylite now supports DirectX 12. If you have a compatible graphics card, this should have a very positive effect on framerate. Especially AMD card users.
  • Thanks to cooperation with AMD, we've added FidelityFX features to Chernobylite. Activating CAS should allow you to play at a lower resolution or lower "resolution scale" while maintaining very high image quality. You can also improve the quality of the game, with virtually no effect on performance. Try it, our testers are delighted! FidelityFX works on all graphics cards, regardless of the manufacturer.


  • Many of you complain about the lack of VO in Chernobylite, which for financial reasons we are not recording right now. So we've added a system that replaces all missing VOs with a suitably processed and personalized voice creation, so that the dialogues are at least reasonably indicated. For people who do not speak Russian, at the same time using Russian VOs for the "climate" should be a quite optimal solution. The system can be turned off in options.
  • We've improved MASS of things related to localization and UX, from interface to dialogs. Not everything is perfect yet, a lot of work ahead of us, but very many of you should feel a big improvement in this topic.
  • You really liked the Gore system, so from now on it will also work on monsters. Enjoy tearing them to pieces.

Developer The Farm 51 has the full release of Chernobylite scheduled for Winter 2020, though of course that's always liable to delays as with any game. The game is currently 40% off until June 1st, by the way, which means the price is now $14.99.