Chernobylite Delayed to Q2 2021, But It’ll Have More Content This Way

Alessio Palumbo
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Chernobylite, the survival horror set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, has had its full release delayed to the second quarter of 2021. The original plan was to launch version 1.0 in the first quarter, though The Farm 51 did not use COVID-19 as an excuse for the delay. In fact, they explained how it's about improving voice acting and localization, as well as adding content and features.

Why is that good news? Our plans have grown bigger. We have decided to hold the premiere and not to focus on delivering additional content AFTER the premiere - and the most crucial reason behind this decision is to be able to translate the game into more languages than we’ve previously promised. Thanks to cooperation with our publisher, All in! Games, the Chernobylite plot and interface will be additionally translated professionally into Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. Besides that, all language versions were fully rewritten and polished (stylistics mostly). As for the voiceovers (English & Russian) - we’re re-recording them from scratch in a professional studio with professional voice actors.
Thanks to that, the overall experience coming from the game should become incomparably more exciting and immersive. Unfortunately, due to how big the game is (Chernobylite has multiple times more plot text lines than any of our previous titles), the process of adding and testing new translations is time-consuming and that’s the reason we won’t be able to finish and polish it in Q1 2021.

The second good news is that most of the team, which doesn’t take part in the translation “business,” will not sit idle and wait. We’ve promised you that Chernobylite will have our constant support and development, even after we leave Early Access, and we’re going to prove it again.

Moving premiere to Q2 2021, simultaneously, we’re creating new content and gameplay elements that previously were supposed to be published as DLCs. This means that the final version of Chernobylite will be bigger and filled with new content, which will enrich the experience and make playing it even more pleasurable. Among these additions, you’ll find a new location, new weapons, new enemies, extended cooperation with other in-game characters and tons of fixes in the existing mechanics and tools.

The developers have also promised that this new content will be available free of charge to those customers who have supported Chernobylite on Kickstarter or purchased it through Steam Early Access. The game is also coming to consoles, although a few months later than the PC release.

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