Checkra1n Co-Developer Teases Cydia on iOS 14 Beta

Ali Salman
Cydia iOS 14 Checkra1n jailbreak

Checkra1n team's co-developer, Sam Bingner teased users with another screenshot that shows the Cydia package manager working on the iPhone X running the first beta of iOS 14.

Apple unveiled the upcoming iOS 14 on Monday and sometime later, the company released the first beta to developers. iOS 14 brings major changes on the Home screen like widgets, which have been one of the most hyped additions. A few days ago, we saw the Checkra1n team teasing jailbreak on iOS 14 beta. Revealing the jailbreak a few days after the beta was released is a mark on its own and shows how hard the jailbreak team is working to achieve it.

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Cydia Teased By Checkra1n Co-Developer Sam Bingner Running on iOS 14 Beta

Sam Bingner in his tweet said "A little more progress" and this is something that just brings the jailbreak release a step closer. If you're unfamiliar, Cydia is used by jailbreakers to install their favorite jailbreak tweaks and apps. While it is not the only package manager on the market, Cydia does come pre-installed when you install the Checkra1n jailbreak on your compatible devices.

Cydia iOS 14 Checkra1n jailbreak

At this point in time, Cydia is the only package manager showcased with support for iOS 14. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done before Checkra1n jailbreak is released with support for iOS 14. Lisiansky admitted that there while there's still work to be done, the progress to immense and pretty fast all thanks to the Checkra1n team.

At this point in time, we're not aware whether the Checkra1n jailbreak team will release an update for iOS 14 beta, or would it wait till later this year for the final release. Nevertheless, we're glad that the team is working hard to achieve the jailbreak.

We will share more details on iOS 14 jailbreak as soon as we hear it. When do you think Checkra1n will release support for iOS 14 jailbreak?

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