New CEMU Update 1.17.2 Packs Performance Improvements for BOTW, Super Smash and MK8; Releases Today for Everyone

zelda botw mk8 cemu update 1.17.2

CEMU update 1.17.2 packs performance improvements for various Wii U titles, including Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8.

The new version of this great Wii U PC emulator was released for Patreons some days ago, and it will become available for everyone later today. Version 1.17.2 of the emulator offers, among other changes and improvements, stability improvements for multi-core recompiler modes alongside stability improvements for Vulkan and compatibility improvements.

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For the sake of completeness, we've included the release notes for this update down below. You'll also find several videos from games running on the latest CEMU update.

CEMU Update 1.17.2 Release Notes

# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.17.2

# Patreon release date: 2020-02-14

# Public release date:  2020-02-21

  • general: Fixed an issue where the game list would display updates/dlc instead of the base game, if no base game was found
  • general: Removed redundant global options for cpu and vertex cache in the menu bar
  • general: Removed precompiled shaders option from game profiles since there isn't really a reason to configure it per-game
  • general: Added a new debug option to the general settings to enable the creation of crash dumps
  • coreinit: Overhauled MP task queue API. The previous implementation required a game-specific workaround for Toyko Mirage Sessions which is now no longer necessary
  • coreinit: Fixed several race conditions which could lead to deadlocks in multi-core recompiler mode
  • coreinit: The default PowerPC thread for core 1 is now also the thread that begins execution in the game's main() method. Some games rely on this behavior.

This change fixes crashes in Paper Mario Color Splash

  • Vulkan: Fixed a rare crash that could occur in any game due to a hash collision in the pipeline runtime cache
  • Vulkan: Fixed custom shaders not being applied for V5 graphic packs (#270)
  • Vulkan: Several minor tweaks to increase stability
  • nn_boss: Fixed a crash that could occur when the game requested to run an invalid task

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