Wii U Emulator Cemu 1.15.0 Released; Introduces Configurable Graphical Overlay And More

Francesco De Meo

A new version of the Cemu Wii U emulator is now available for download, bringing several improvements and fixes.

The Cemu 1.15.0 version adds a PowerPC Debugger which will help for the development of patches for games, like dynamic FPS patches. Also added to the emulator with the new version are a file replacement option, a configurable Graphical overlay and more.

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Full release notes can be found below.

Added PowerPC Debugger
Great for development of patches for games, such as dynamic FPS patches (for 60FPS on 30FPS titles), and other.
(If our community steps up to the plate to make them.)
Supported features so far:

Disassembly and memory view
Breakpoints and stepping
Memory breakpoints
Support for live patching of PPC instructions
Partial support for symbols (Cafe OS functions are named)
Expression support

Added configurable Graphical Overlay
Shows information regarding system statistics without the use of 3rd party tools.
Current available stats include:

Cemu CPU usage
Total CPU usage per core (global)
Memory usage
Drawcalls per frame

Added file replacement (mod) support via Graphic Packs
No longer have to replace internal game files to use mods. (I will be making a full pack for Zelda in the future.)

Compatibility & misc improvements. 

  • A variety of miscellaneous bugs and improvements get fixed each version.
  • general: Minor changes to logging
  • general: Added debug option to dump Wii U RAM to files
  • PPC/JIT: Improved support for code invalidation
  • input: Added a low battery warning for XInput wireless controllers (Win8+ required)
  • input: Overhauled deadzone and axis range calculation
  • input: Added button threshold setting (applies if an axis is mapped to a button)
  • gfxPacks: Added support for file replacement via graphic packs
  • gfxPacks: Variables of type double are now always inserted into the shader code as a valid GLSL double
  • snd_core: Added API AIGetDSPSampleRate and AICheckInit
  • nn_acp: Fixed ACPGetNetworkTime incorrectly returning a 32bit timestamp instead of 64bit
  • nn_nim: Added API GetECommerceInfrastructureCountry, MakeTitlePackageTaskConfigAutoUsingBgInstallPolicy and CalculateTitleInstallSize
  • GX2: Added support for texture format R32_G32_UINT

Cemu 1.15.0 is now available for download only for Patreon backers, and it should become available to the public sometime next week.

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