Can You Downgrade watchOS 4 Beta to watchOS 3?


It's a million dollar question: can you downgrade watchOS 4 Beta to watchOS 3 public release? Yes, and no. We will explain why.

You Cannot Downgrade watchOS 4 Beta to watchOS 3 Until or Unless You're Willing to Go to Apple itself

Whether it's an iOS device, Mac or Apple TV, you have the luxury to simply download a firmware file from Apple and install at your own will. With the Apple Watch, things are a little different. A lot different in fact.

You Can Now Download watchOS 4.3.2 for Apple Watch – Here’s How

Once you update to a particular firmware, there's no way you can downgrade. So, this means if you download and install watchOS 4 Beta on your Apple Watch, regardless of the model, you can't downgrade back to the public release by yourself. There's no firmware file you can download to roll things back, and there's no cable that lets you interface with your Apple Watch with a PC or Mac.

However, there's a good side to this story as well. See, if you are willing to take your Apple Watch to Apple itself, then can you roll back to watchOS 3. But that requires you to send off your Apple Watch for a few days. It's a hassle, but nonetheless a solution every user should look given you have Apple's official presence in your region. If you don't, then you are completely out of luck from that one and only option as well.

But the thing that everyone should focus on here is: you cannot downgrade watchOS 4 Beta to watchOS 3 at home. There is a possibility that this stance from Apple might change down the line, but today is not that day. Therefore be very, very considerate before you even think about upgrading to watchOS 4 Beta.

Bugs, Bugs & More Bugs...

Since it is pre-release software, therefore bugs are going to be aplenty. Therefore my personal recommendation is that you wait until a few betas are out in the wild. Basically you want the necessary bugs to be ironed out before you jump onboard the pre-release software train. Even then you have to look out for a lot of things, and consider some too. For instance, app crashes are to be expected since the current apps aren't updated for the latest software. UI-related bugs are to expected too, so don't be surprised if you keep on hitting a button and nothing happens.

Be careful while playing around with watchOS beta, folks. Go ahead only if you know what you're getting yourself into.

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