Download watchOS 4 Beta – How to Install on Apple Watch

Uzair Ghani
Download watchOS 4 Beta

You can now download watchOS 4 Beta and install it on your Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1 and Series 0. Here's how.

Ready to Download watchOS 4 Beta 1 on your Apple Watch? We'll Show You How

After a lot of noise at the WWDC 2017 keynote, the watchOS 4 Beta update is now available to download. Apart from the features which Apple announced on stage, many users are looking forward to try out the new software on their Apple Watch. But before we show you how you can install the firmware on your wearable, there are a few things that must be considered explicitly.

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First of all, iOS 11 Beta is a strict requirement if you are going to install watchOS 4 Beta on your Apple Watch. Secondly, once you download watchOS 4 Beta, you cannot downgrade back to the latest public release, which is watchOS 3.x. Last but not the least, install the firmware on a spare Apple Watch, until or unless you consider yourself extremely brave and can easily go through the beta process.

With that out of the way, follow the steps below on how to download watchOS 4 Beta on your Apple Watch.

Download watchOS 4 Beta on Apple Watch - Tutorial

1. Make sure your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone (with iOS 11 Beta installed) via Bluetooth.

2. Place your Apple Watch on its magnetic charger.

3. Open the following link on your iPhone: and sign into your Apple Developer Program account.

4. Open the Discover section, then select watchOS.

5. On the top right hand corner, tap on the blue Download button.

6. Now tap on the Download button next to the watchOS 4 entry. A configuration profile will be downloaded straight to your iPhone. Just follow the on-screen prompts for installation. Make sure you select Apple Watch when asked where you wish to install the profile.

7. Once the profile is installed, launch the Watch app from your home screen. Now navigate to General > Software Update. Tap on Download and Install.

Please note that the installation process is going to take quite a while. During that time do not fiddle around with your Apple Watch or your iPhone. If you manage to brick your Apple Watch somehow or for whatever reason, there's no way of fixing anything at home. You will be required to take your device to Apple itself in order to get things right again.

Last but not the least, and I'm gonna say it again - you cannot downgrade watchOS 4 to watchOS 3. Once you get onboard the beta train, you have to follow the subsequent beta releases until you reach the final version.

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