Apple Watch Saves Mother And Baby’s Life After Drunk Driver Hits Their Car

Ali Salman

Apple Watch is gradually picking up the pace in terms of its demand all thanks to the Series 3 model that features LTE connectivity. While the company is promoting its Health Tracking feature with a dedicated webpage, customers have a lot to benefit from. Apple Watch packs some serious hardware that allows it to perform various life-changing features. Kacie Anderson, a 24-year-old mom says that her Apple Watch helped save her and her 9-month old baby's life after a drunk driver hit their car. So let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

Apple Watch Continues To Save Lives With Its Advanced Technology

Kacie Anderson is the latest example where Apple wearable helped save a life, in fact, two lives. The mother relied on the SOS feature from her wearable in order to call 911 emergency services. After the impact, Kacie's iPhone was tossed out of reach and the, fortunately, she was wearing the Apple Watch that ultimately came to her aid.

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“The moment he hit us everything inside the car went airborne. My face took a horrible blow to the steering wheel, headrest, back to the steering wheel, and then to the window.  I blacked out for about a minute and could not see. My eyes were wide open but all I saw was black,” Anderson shares exclusively with Shape. “My hands flew around to feel for my phone and then I realized I had my watch on and commanded it to call 911.”

Kacie told her story to saying that she has been wearing the Apple Watch for some years but never really got to use the SOS feature.

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Moreover, the injuries from her car crash were severe enough to require medical assistance and to further assist her baby.

While Anderson’s son only suffered bruising and scrapes, her own injuries were more serious. “The ambulance arrived and immediately put me on a stretcher and stabilized my neck and back. I had a severe concussion that caused dizziness and confusion for several weeks, and drainage from my ears and nose because my brain was swollen. My neck has two ruptured muscles, and I now have two bulging disks that I am still seeking treatment for,” she says.

Kacie Anderson stated that she is blessed to have been wearing the Apple Watch at the scene. SOS on the Apple Watch is initiated when you hold down the side button for a few seconds. The call is automatically sent to 911 while a text message is sent to one of your emergency contacts. SOS is indeed a neat feature that comes handy at the time of need.

This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the incident and Apple Watch's timely assistance? Share your views in the comments.

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