Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Getting Mode Specific Uninstall Options on PC

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Over the course of the past year, Call of Duty Modern Warfare became the largest game in terms of storage size, with its latest updates putting it at over 200GB. This inevitably drew significant criticism from fans.

Luckily, it seems like a new Call of Duty Modern Warfare update due to release later today will enable 'mode-specific uninstall options' on PC. This should ease the burden on your hard drive if, for instance, you've already completed the single player campaign and only really intend to keep playing the game's multiplayer modes going forward. The news was revealed in a tweet from Paul Haile, Production Director at developer Infinity Ward.

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Haile later confirmed that this is already an option on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though for Sony's console it is restricted to digital owners for technical reasons.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare recently got the Season Six update, which featured four free additional multiplayer maps: Station for Gunfight, Broadcast for the Core Modes in 6vs6, Mialstor Tank Factory for the Core Modes in 6vs6 and 10vs10, and Verdansk Riverside for Ground War.

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