Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Brings Forth New Map, Battle Pass Content, and More

Call of Duty Mobile's Season 4 is upon us, and it brings forth a host of exciting features including a brand new battle pass for players. Among other things, you get a new map, some new skins, a new weapon, and more. This update isn't nearly as feature-rich as its predecessors. Regardless, Tencent has done a commendable job of keeping the game topped up with fresh content, much like it does with PUBG Mobile. Activision's official blog post has the following to say:

Introducing Disavowed, the latest addition to Call of Duty: Mobile which is packed with new content. Experience tension in the new Multiplayer map, Cage, devastate your foes with the HIVE Operator Skill, and get gear and more in a new Battle Pass.

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Call of Duty Mobiles Season 4's multiplayer map is called Cage has been added to the game. The map is centered around close quarter combat and fast-paced battles. It will be playable in four game modes including, Snipers Only, Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, and Gun Game. The new HIVE Operator Skill lets players deploy proximity mines. It also releases a swarm of nano-drones that attack players on the opposing team.

The Battle Pass also brings forth a host of new content such as Brambles camo ASM10, Combat Knife, AK117, MSMC, and other St. Patrick's Day-themed paraphernalia. Credits can be earned in-game by playing through the Battle Pass. Like always, Premium Pass users will be able to reap extra benefits including the RUS-79U Viking and the Knife Rainbow camo, along with others. The Premium Pass costs 520 COD Points (CP). Here's the

Call of Duty's Mobile Season 4: Disavowed is now available for iPhone and Android. It should arrive via an update to the app. Unlike PUBG Mobile, there is no incentive to downloading it at an earlier point, so feel free to download it whenever.

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