Bloober Team Isn’t Looking to Sell as It Would Be a Risk to Its Strategic Goals


Polish game developer Bloober Team has released a statement (reported by to reveal that it won't be selling to anyone, as that would endanger its overarching strategic goals.

The company decided not to continue talks with potential financial and industry investors interested in taking over a majority stake in the company due to the high risk of losing its overarching strategic goals. At the present stage, it would be inconsistent with the organizational culture and would significantly limit the company's value growth potential in subsequent years, especially taking into account the projects implemented and planned by it.

Moreover, the company, having free financial resources, has the opportunity to make investments aimed at increasing its fundamental value. Therefore, the company's management board is considering investing in companies complementary to the issuer's activities in order to increase its production and sales capabilities. The management board of the company also decided to recommend to shareholders to transfer the company's listing to the main market of the Stock Exchange within the time limit enabling the first listing in 2022.

This isn't too surprising since Bloober Team very quickly managed to recoup development costs (around €7 million) for its latest survival horror game, The Medium. Recent rumors also hinted at Bloober possibly working on one of KONAMI's most prized IPs, Silent Hill.

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After all, The Medium already features music composed by Akira Yamaoka, and Bloober CEO Piotr Babieno teased that the studio's next project is being made in partnership with a 'very famous gaming publisher'.

Meanwhile, here's what Kai thought of The Medium.

The Medium is a good return to form for the survival horror genre that's split in such wild directions, from the first person Allison Road/P.T. at one end and the creature sneakers that either overload the player with firepower or strip it all away to force them to hide from a greater threat. The Medium takes a different path altogether, instead trying to invoke the split realities of Silent Hill and rely on those feelings of longing and desire for something new from Team Silent. While Bloober Team misses that crucial spark that made the Silent Hill titles so brilliant in the first place, their first draft of horror should spook and delight fans of the genre.