Mass Effect 4 – “The Amount of Detail on The Characters is Insane”


For the past few months we have been getting regular updates on the next Mass Effect's development by members of the developing team at Bioware, detailing several accomplishments and sometimes revealing some information on the new title.

Once again Chris Wynn, the Senior Development Director for Mass Effect along with Preston Watamaniuk, a Senior Creative Director, and writer Jay Watamaniuk, take to Twitter to answer some fans' questions.

Senior Creative Director Preston Watamaniuk comments that Mass Effect Next is looking amazing.

He continues to hint that he is working on something secret, although he does not give any indication if this is regards to a secret new idea on the next Mass Effect or the new IP currently in development from Bioware.

Preston Watamaniuk continues that there has been great progress during the last week, and writer Jay Watamaniuk, explains that he did much waiting on the 10th on the secret IP. So it should probably be that Preston's secret is also regarding the new IP.

Industry Insider Shinobi602 asks whether the team is doing ok with the Frostbite engine, which it might have been hinted that they had some issues with, to which Chris Wynn responds that the engine is doing just fine.

Wynn continues that they are showing the progress being made on Mass Effect and states that the amount of detail on the characters is insane.

All of this seems incredibly exciting, and we should likely get a first glimpse of both Mass Effect and Bioware's new IP at E3 2015 in June. It will certainly prove to be one extremely exciting time for gamers. EA will probably has a few more surprises during their press conference, and we might get to see the reveal of multiple Star Wars titles as well.

We have no release date information on the next Mass Effect yet but a 2016 release is likely. We will bring any new information on Mass Effect as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to check out our previous coverage for more, here and here.