EA Conference at E3 Has Been Confirmed, Date and Time Announced

Alright everyone, it's officially official. EA has announced the specifics of their E3 press conference, and this one is probably going to be huge. Join them (and us here with live coverage) on June 15th 2015 at 1PM PST.

EA press conference at E3 scheduled for 1PM PST on June 15th. Probably with lots of surprises.

This is hardly surprising, given that EA is among the other big named publishers to show off their existing and future projects. But what can we expect from this years press conference? There are three franchises that are sure to make an appearance, Star Wars, Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge.

The excitement surrounding the newest Mass Effect 4 game will likely continue with either an official announcement showing at least concept art and perhaps a direction that they're taking with the game. They would miss out on an opportunity to at least tease an in-game screenshot or two, if not officially announce it completely.

Mirror's Edge 2 is currently in development at DICE which was announced at E3 in 2013 and then further detailed at E3 in 2014. So it's only natural that we'll see more information, if not a concrete release date, at this years E3 conference. Of course details are sparse, though the mere fact that it's been in active development for two years gives us an inkling that this year we might get more than just a screenshot or trailer.

And then theirs the giant elephant in the room; Star Wars. We already know a great deal about Star Wars Battlefront, and more information is bound to crop up at their conference, but do you think that'll be all? With the exclusive partnership that EA and Disney forged back in 2013 one would think that a number of new titles would be in the works. It was even mentioned back then that Visceral Games, the makers of the Dead Space series as well as Battlefield Hardline, is hard at work on a new game, though the details are rather sparse at the moment.


There have been a number of canceled projects that have yet to be officially revived, but I think that some were compelling enough to be picked up. Star Wars 1313 does come to mind, though. Why not take an already sound premise and continue its development closely with the old LucasArts team. Perhaps we'll see the revival of Star Wars First Assault or even a completely new IP.

The fact remains, though, that it makes for the perfect outlet for information regarding the future of the Star Wars franchise. They hold the key, but are they willing to use it?

So catch us here live on June 15th covering their press conference. You can bet that we're as excited as you are. Speculation in the comments, of course, is always welcome.

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