Belkin’s $40 Wemo Bridge Adds HomeKit Support to Existing Wemo Smart Home Accessories

Wemo Bridge

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived. Belkin has announced a new $40 Wemo Bridge that adds HomeKit support to your existing Wemo smart home accessories.

The Wemo Bridge is What You Need if You've Been Waiting for HomeKit Support.

Belkin's Wemo arm makes a handful of great smart home devices. But sadly, they do not have HomeKit support at all. But, if you are set to throw in $40, then the Wemo Bridge will add HomeKit support to all your Wemo smart home devices. This includes smart plugs, dimmers, motion sensors and more.

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Once the bridge is in place and set up, you can start controlling your smart home straight from the Home app in iOS on both iPhone and iPad. And since we are talking about HomeKit here, therefore you can use Siri to control your stuff too. So you can bring up Siri and just say "Turn off the bedroom lamp," and you'll be good to go.

At the time of writing the Wemo Bridge is available for order straight from Amazon itself and will start shipping on the 14th of January, just a few days from now. Personally, I would highly recommend investing your money on this if you have an Apple ecosystem at home. But it's somewhat of a waste if you are only going to use a couple of sensors. It works best with a lot of sensors spread across a large area.

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