Blizzard to Buff Shadow Priests, Resto Shamans, Warlocks, Druids & More in Upcoming Battle for Azeroth Hotfix; Arms Warriors and BM Hunters Nerfed in PVP

Aernout van de Velde
Battle for Azeroth Hotfix buffs shadow priests druids shamans mages warlocks paladins
Blizzard will be rolling out a  Battle for Azeroth Hotfix to buff various specs, and has nerfed BM Hunters and Arms Warriors in PVP through a recent patch.
Last week, Blizzard applied a hotfix to nerf rogues, mages and healers in PVP, and announced that it would be addressing other  overperforming specs, including Beast Mastery Hunters and Arms Warriors.

The most recent hotfix has now nerfed those specs in PvP, and we’ve included the spec changes down below:

Warrior - Arms
-Deep Wounds damage dealt to enemy players reduced by 25%

-Sharpen Blade increases Mortal Strike damage by 15%, down from 30%.

-Lord of War (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 40% when engaged in combat with enemy players.

-Executioner's Precision (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 35% when engaged in combat with enemy players.

-Test of Might (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players.

Hunter - Beast Mastery
-Dire Beast: Basilisk now has a 60 Focus cost.

-Dire Beast: Basilisk damage reduced by 30%.

-Hunter Pet Basic Attack damage (Smack, Bite, and Claw) reduced by 30%.

-Aspect of the Beast increases the damage of your pets by 20%, down from 30%.

-Bestial Wrath increases the damage of you and your pet by 20%, down from 25%.

In addition to the above, Blizzard has also announced upcoming class changes for this week, including buffs for Shadow Priests, resto Shamans, Demo & Affliction Warlocks, Feral & Resto Druid, Holy Paladins, and Fire Mages.

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These changes, among others which will be rolled out through tomorrow’s hotfix, have been included below:



  • All damage increased by 5%.


  • All healing increased 3%.
  • Rejuvenation mana cost reduced to 10.5% (was 11%).


Beast Mastery

All damage reduced by 5%.



  • All damage increased by 6%.
  • Flamestrike damage increased by 15%.



Holy Light and Flash of Light healing increased by 7%.



Smite damage reduced by 9%.


All healing reduced by 3%.


Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch damage increased by 20%.



  • All damage reduced by 5%.
  • Deadshot (Azerite Trait) reduced by 20%.


All damage reduced by 5%.



  • Healing Rain healing increased by 12%.
  • Riptide healing increased by 6%.



Summon Darkglare damage reduced by 20%.


All damage increased by 5%.


All damage increased by 5%.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available globally now.

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