Batman Arkham Legacy to Feature The Court of Owls, Leaker Reconfirms; Game’s Title Still Open for Change


Warner Bros. Montreal’s rumored new Batman title, Batman Arkham Legacy, will indeed feature the Court of Owls, a well-known leaker has confirmed.

As covered yesterday, industry leaker Sabi recently took to Twitter to talk about WB Montreal’s yet to be announced new Batman title, which might very well be title Arkham Legacy. Sabi has now taken to Twitter once more to reconfirm some details about the game.

Gotham Knights Could Be the Name of WB Montreal’s Upcoming Batman Game

According to the leaker, the title of Arkham Legacy could still change but the rumored playable Bat-family will allegedly play an important role in the game. Sabi mentions that he/she isn’t sure when the reveal of the game is.


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The leaker also confirmed that the Court of Owls will be featured in the game.  We reported on the inclusion of this secret society and organized crime group from Batman writer Scott Snyder last month.

Warner Bros. has yet to officially confirm a new Batman game but we’re hoping for a reveal later this week to celebrate the anniversary of the Batman Origins.

We’ll keep you updated.