Batman Court of Owls Game from WB Montreal All But Confirmed by Batman Writer Scott Snyder

Aernout van de Velde
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Scott Snyder, writer on the recent Batman comics, has seemingly all but confirmed a new Batman Court of Owls game from Warner Bros. Montreal.

As covered last week, Warner Bros. is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the caped crusader and aside from the Batman Arkham collection being free on the Epic Games Store, the publisher also teased the Batman logo on Twitter, apparently teasing a new Batman game.

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More interestingly, Snyder later re-tweeted this tweet and added a #bewarethecourtofowls hashtag, thereby suggesting that WB Montreal’s new Batman title will feature Snyder’s The Court of Owls. Snyder co-created The Court of Owls as a secret society and organized crime group alongside artist Greg Capullo.

batman court of owls game wb montreal

After taking to Twitter, Snyder quickly removed his retweet which strongly suggests that the writer confirmed the setting of a new possible Batman game ahead of its official announcement.

There are rumors that this new Batman game is getting announced at Sony’s State of Play stream tomorrow but nothing has been confirmed by either Sony or Warner Bros. so far.

As always, we will keep you updated on this matter.

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