Batman Arkham Legacy Might Be Warner Bros. Montreal’s Rumored New Batman Game – Rumor

Oct 22, 2019

Batman Arkham Legacy might very well be the name of Warner Bros. Montreal’s rumored new Batman game.

Well-known industry leaker Sabi (@New_WabiSabi) took to Twitter to share that the title for Warner Bros. yet to be announced new Batman game is “Arkham Legacy”. The leaker, who correctly leaked Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo announcements prior to this year’s E3 event, added that it’s likely that the Bat-family will be playable in the rumored new Batman title.

Batman Arkham Legacy First Trailer To Be Shown At The Game Awards – Rumor

Adding to the fuel is a tweet from Comics Movie insider Thomas Polito, who confirmed that Batman: Arkham Legacy the real deal.

Of course, these ‘leaks’ have to be taken with a fair pinch of salt for now as Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce a new Batman installment.

Last month, Batman writer Scott Snyder all but confirmed a new Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal involving The Court of Owls when he retweeted the Batman logo that Warner Bros. initially posted.

Batman Arkham Legacy to Feature The Court of Owls, Leaker Reconfirms; Game’s Title Still Open for Change

With Batman: Arkham Origin’s anniversary around the corner, Warner Bros. might very well officially announce the new Batman title later this week.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.