First Avowed Leak Mentions Release Frame, Full Open Word, Focus on Next-gen AI Systems, Lighting, Mod Support and More – Rumor


The very first Avowed leak might include details on its scope, weather system, mod support, release frame and more.

The next-gen first-person RPG was announced during last week’s Xbox Series X showcase, but aside from the game’s announcement trailer, Obsidian Entertainment and Microsoft didn’t reveal much details about the Skyrim-like title. Luckily, ResetEra user ‘Spronger’ has shared additional details about the upcoming title, which are being supported by reputable Xbox insider ‘Klobrille’.

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According to the new details, set in The Living Lands region of Eora, Avowed will be a fully open world title. Compared to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Obsidian’s game will be much more dense and more contrasted than Bethesda’s title. Being a next-gen title, Obsidian is said to be focusing on world-reactivity, lighting, and next-gen physics and AI-systems.

Like Skyrim, Avowed will reportedly feature a weather system with a big focus on fog. The system in Avowed, however, will be real-time.

Modders will be happy to learn that Obsidian’s title will offer mod support and an advanced character creation tool, with the mods being full useable on Xbox Series X as well.

A specific release date hasn’t been provided yet, but according to these new details, Avowed is currently in full production and is targeting a late 2022/early 2023 release on Xbox Series X and PC.

We’ve included the full list of details, as supplied by ‘Spronger’, down below:

- fully open world, much much larger than Skyrim (very differently “larger”, more proper word would be “denser” and “more contrasted” at the same time)
- primarily set in the The Living Lands region of Eora (not sure if it’ll go like that as explicit later on, but that was starting point)
- big focus on world-reactivity, lighting and next-gen AI systems and physics (special focus on physics with magic systems - have no clue what would that mean)
- realtime whether system (don’t have full details but fog is very important as realtime element, rivers will have specific micro physics systems regarding this)
- very advanced character creation tool (didn’t get more info)
- mod support (for now PC is/will be very dominant as creation tool, but I’ll be playable fully on Xbox)
- very large number of fractions but very different approach than with Skyrim
- you’ll be able to have companions (different than Outer Worlds)
- storyset: fight against incoming threat of tyranny (independent from previous stories)
- game has bosses planned and some of them are very very large
- Gods will have special say in the game
- great focus on iconic landmarks, statues and buildings
- two large cities planned with many smaller ones with strong focus on contrasting wild-areas, rivers, mountains and desolated areas (yes, you’ll be able to swim)
- fully respecting POE creatures lore with new additions
- dynamic presentation of dialogue
- for now idea is to keep “you can kill everyone in the game” option
- around 100 people are on the project for 2y (smaller number for 7m of preproduction), in total 2y 7m
- full production is already a thing
- team will still grow
- target date: late 2022/early 2023