Audio Company, final, Announces The VR3000 Gaming Earphones

Evan Federowicz
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The Japanese Audio specialist company called final has announced the VR3000 gaming earphones; these earphones may be final's first product designed with VR gaming in mind. The VR3000 gaming earphones are designed to increase immersion into the gaming world by reproducing the acoustic spatial sound. These earphones are currently available through retailers like audio46 and feature a price tag of $79.99.

final has announced the VR3000 gaming earphones designed with VR gamers in mind, featuring a unique driver and an unconventional design

The VR3000 gaming earphones are designed with VR gaming and gaming in mind. This earphone's design offers a unique design that keeps the earphones firmly in the ears even during high-action moments. This unique design uses a shape that limits the contact area but is designed not to feel oppressive or cause any discomfort for the gamers after long hours of use.

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Source: final

The technology that this earphone use was extensively researched on the difference between the sound source produced by the 2 channel stereo system. As a result of the research, the creators of the VR3000 sought to create headphones that could create a more accurate reproduction of the spatial sound stage.

Source: final

This design features an ear hook, which can reduce touch noise and the rumbling sound that many earphones have when contact between the body and the cable is made. These reductions offer a higher immersion for VR gamers and anyone using these earphones.

The VR3000 Gaming earphones utilize a newly designed driver unit called F-Core DU, which has the driver front housing material is brass. The front housing was made from brass due to brass being significantly less affected by magnetic force and even has higher specific gravity than the more commonly used aluminum. These earphones connect through a single 3.5 mm connector, allowing for widespread compatibility for PCs and various consoles.

The VR300 gaming earphones are currently available through retailers like audio46 and currently feature a price of $79.99. These earphones would be a perfect addition to the Oculus Quest VR headset due to this headset's wireless nature and the audio immersion that the VR300 would be able to provide for gamers.

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